Audit Office

Audit Office
  • Strategic Management Support Office
  • Policy Planning Group

The Audit Office endeavors to establish an ethical and integral organizational culture and ethical management system through constant monitoring and auditing.

Realization of the Foundation’s Ethical Management
  • Supervising compliance of related laws and regulations, and conducting corrections
  • Providing a general response to audits and inspections conducted by external bodies or superior organizations
  • Prevention of corruption
  • Increasing the integrity of the organization by providing ethics training and anti-corruption training to the employees, and carrying out monitoring
  • Suggesting structural improvements to settle the culture of anti-corruption and integrity within the organization
Fulfillment of social responsibilities
  • Establishment of plans for the foundation’s CSR activities, and managing the execution of them
  • Establishment of strategies and plans to practice human rights management, and monitoring its progress

Team Address / Contact Number

Audit Office Audit Team #209A, Headquarters Building, 27, Sampung-ro, Gyeongsan-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do +82-53-819-3086