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Uncovering new growth engine industries and development of creative enterprises in Gyeongsangbuk-do


The Regional Industry Development Department will do its best to create new jobs by strengthening the competitiveness of regional industries, and by developing creative enterprises by pro-actively seeking profitable future industries in the Gyeongbuk area.

Corparate suport function

Utilization of infrastruncture

- Uncovering and developing new creative businesses (advanced materials, energy industry etc.)

- Implementation of local (key/
collaborative) projects.

- Development of strategic industries (eg. titanium) in the Gyeongbuk area.

Corporate support function

Support for promising venture companies within the technology park

- Development of promising tenant venture companies.

- Support for Technology Park (TP) tenants and technology companies.

- Management of tenant companies at the College Specialized Center.

Job creation through development of creative enterprises (Start-Up Accelerator)

- Standardization of dyes & coloring and establishment of a database.

- Development of colors through fusion and mixture.

The HUB of Energy Industry Development

- Comprehensive project support for nuclear equipment.

- Operation of a project to Transform Ulleungdo into an Independent Eco-friendly Island.

- Operation of public institution-affiliated projects for the development of regional industries.

Customized Regional Industry Development

- Development of the locally-based gaming industry (operation of Global Game Contents Center).

- Support for the commercialization of ICT plant factories.

- Operation of Green Certification Support Projects.

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