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A technology center leading industry-wide support of light-weight aluminum materials and parts solutions.


The center aims to become a top specialized research center by establishing a base for trial production of light-weight aluminum materials and parts, and providing support to multi-material light-weight parts manufacturing.

Departmental Role

Establishment and utilization of equipment based on manufacturing for higher added value

- Establishment of test evaluation systems for the improvement of quality in light-weight aluminum material parts.

- Establishment of reliability monitoring systems for light-weight aluminum material parts.

- Establishment of integrated simulation evaluation systems for inspection of light-weight aluminum material parts.

Departmental Role

Establishment of processing

- Designing and simulation of lightweight aluminum products.

- Establishment of forming and processing systems for future transport machines.

- Establishment of welding and binding techniques among dissimilar materials.

Acquisition of and support for reliability evaluation system

- Analyses of the microstructures/components and fatigue/hardness of light-weight aluminum.

- Evaluation of the characteristics of hardness/corrosion in weld areas parts and assessment on adhesion.

Establishment and support for solutions for materials and parts

Establishment of multi-material solutions for optimized performance.

- Establishment of alloy technology through the use of solid diffusion bonding.

Exchange of information and proliferation of distribution

- Expansion of interaction with research enters engaged in projects related to automobiles or other related projects.

- Provision of base equipment and technologies and vitalization of information exchange.

- Concretization of methods to support the expansion of equipment utilization.

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