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Central leadership of the wireless power transmission industry.


The center aims to become the best wireless power transfer research center by establishing a global performance evaluation center, developing international standard certification test services and technologies, and providing support to companies in order to develop the magnetic induction/resonance wireless power transfer industry.

Departmental Role

Establishment of a base for R&D

- Establishment of the Wireless Power Transfer Technology Center (Floor space: 2,310 square meters).

- Establishment of equipment for on-standard and certification testing.

- Acquisition of high-level experts and enhancement of competence in R&D.

Departmental Role

Commercialization support

- Support for function and performance tests for non-standard WPT products.

- Support for preliminary test evaluations for international standard certification.

- Issuance of a performance evaluation report on WPT products.

Technical support for SMEs

- Support for Open Labs for the development and testing of SME products.

- Uncovering and supporting corporate research projects linked to the wireless power industry.

- Support for solutions to streamline technology for SMEs through a network of industry academic-research experts.

- Provision of training and information to SMEs to allow them to enter into the WPT market.

Development of standards for WPT products

- Standardization of non-standard wireless power transfer products.

- Development of specifications and performance standards for non-standard products.

- Development of product testing procedures and test evaluation methods.

Support for global certification services

- Acquisition of ISO17025 certification for international standard certification.

- Support for international specification (Qi, AirFuel) certification testing services for wireless power transfer.

- Preliminary preparation and response to changing international standards for WPT.

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