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Medical Convergence Textile Center

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A medical materials center equipped with specialized services and technologies


Advanced Medical Textile Center will do its best to provide support through KOLAS, sanitation product inspectors, cosmetics inspectors and specialized technologies.

Departmental Role

R&D support

- Support for solutions to bottleneck technologies for the development of materials and products.

- Support for technologies in demand through a pool of technical experts and acquisition of base technology.

- Support for company research projects according to base technology and specialized industry.

Departmental Role

Commercialization support

- Support for entering into overseas K-Health markets and expansion of exports.

- Support for the transfer and commercialization of advanced technologies at home and abroad.

- Support for the utilization of prototype production equipment (medical laminating, freeze-drying etc.).

Certification support

- Support for evaluation of biological safety and KOLAS certification for epidemiology and chemicals.

- Support for enhancing the reliability of aterials and products through designation of a test center for sanitary products centered on the measurement of bacteria filtering efficiency.

- Support for cosmetics-related companies in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do through the designation of a test center for cosmetics products.

- Support for product certification through the designation of a consigned test center affiliated to the Air Cleaning Association.


- Support for acquisition and commercialization of field-oriented technology through business meetings.

- Acquisition of products and technological demand in the medical materials industry through operation of conferences and cell groups.

Brand establishment

- Development of the K-Health brand and vitalization of related industries.

- Support for companies to change into medical material businesses based on the K-Health brand.

- Technology development and support based on the K-Health brand.

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