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GBTP Natural Color Material Institute

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A green textile research center trusted by companies and the local community.


The Natural Dyeing Material Research Center aims to grow into a world-class research center in the field of natural dyes and green textiles for the purpose of green growth in connection to traditional culture.

Departmental Role

New Textile R&D

- Development and expansion of the natural dyeing (green textile) industry.

- Technical Improvement for standardization of the natural dyeing color.

- The creation of Functional Bio-materials.

Departmental Role

Uncovering and developing local SMEs

- Assessment on the status of the natural dyeing (green textile) industry.

- Establishment of a mid-to-long-term development plan and strategy.

- Analyses on trends of advanced technologies and development of new technologies.

Vitalization of youth employment and creation of jobs




Vitalization of the local technology market

- Development of functional coloring for beauty products and food & beverages.

- Development of bio-fusion technologies centered on natural coloring.

- Development of other functional coloring.

Enhancement of reliability

- Acquisition of product reliability through certified performance evaluations.

- Establishment of stability test systems.

- Reliability evaluation and development of application standards.

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