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Eco-friendly Auto parts Technology Institute

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A research center leading the development of future automobile parts in Gyeongsangbuk-do.


The Green Car Parts Technology Research Center is putting great effort into becoming the Mecca of the auto parts industry in Gyeongsangbuk-do through the development of core technologies for next-generation eco-friendly automobile parts and the uncovering of new business opportunities.

Departmental Role

Lead industrial planning of the automobile sector in Gyeongsangbuk-do

- Enhancement of research planning functions through the formation of specialized planning teams in the auto sector.

- Operation of TFT between the promotion institute and companies related to the uncovering of new business in each sector.

- Pursuit of periodic planning meetings between Gyeongsangbukdo and related institutions.

Departmental Role

Research and development of Ecofriendly Auto Parts Technology

- Planning and uncovering of new businesses and joint R&D projects in the green car sector.

- Implementation of joint R&D activities and consigned projects in the green car sector.

- Provision of consultation on industrial technology and corporate support.

Technological research on weight reduction and operation of a computational analysis laboratory

- Uncovering ‘Great Companies to Work for in Gyeongsangbukdo Area’ and the operation of company tours.

- Development of high school technology talents and operation of programs connected to employment opportunities.

- Creation of jobs through industrial interns and connections to employment opportunities.

Installation of noise/vibration equipment and evaluation support

- Development of global champions through technology transfer and support throughout the entire commercialization cycle.

- One-on-one field-oriented solutions and midterm support for bottleneck technologies.

- Commercialization of public technology for regional universities and promotion of technology start-ups for interaction.

Establishment of infrastructure for research support

Expansion of space for reliability evaluation and establishment of environmental research equipment.

- Establishment of a specialized laboratory for manufacturing and testing prototypes.

- Additional acquisition of space for joint R&D activities with local companies.

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