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An innovative leader for the development of hidden global champions.


The Corporate Support Division is doing its best to become the core channel for corporate support customized to clients by establishing a comprehensive corporate support system through the operation of a contact center, a Technology Transfer Center, and the Technology Financing center.

Departmental Role

Fortification of business mediation and base functions

- Support for the development and growth of creative, technologically innovative companies.

- Expansion of smart factories through improved processes and support.

- Increases in performance throughout the industrial sector through the establishment of a corporate support database and corporate monitoring.

Departmental Role

Uncovering and development of local SMEs

- Enhancement of global competitiveness for WorldClass 300 companies and local hidden champions.

- Selection of GBTP Pride 100 companies and support customized to the developmental stage of a company.

- Uncovering domestic exporters (start-up companies) and vitalization of exports.

Vitalization of youth employment and creation of jobs

- Uncovering 'Great Companies to Work for in the Gyeongsangbukdo Area' and the operation of company tours.

- Development of high school technology talents and operation of programs connected to employment opportunities.

- Creation of jobs through industrial interns and connections to employment opportunities.

Vitalization of the regional technology market

- Development of global champions through technology transfer and support throughout the entire commercialization cycle.

- One-on-one field-oriented solutions and midterm support for bottleneck technologies.

- Commercialization of public technology for regional universities and promotion of technology start-ups for interaction.

Creation of technology financing plus ecology

- Creation of technology finance plus ecology through operation of the technology financing center.

- Locally relevant technology guidance and finance plus support.

- Establishment of Gyeongbuk Creative Economy Funds and vitalization of investments toward Creative Economy Funds.

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