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A Think-Tantor (Tank-Actor) for planning industrial policies


With an aim to developing regional industries into ones with advanced technology, high productivity, and added value,
the Policy Planning Division is putting all its effort into becoming the brain of the development of regional industries through the establishment of mid-to-long term development plans for representative industries in Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Departmental Role

Business planning in a virtuous cycle

- Establishment of business strategies and a mid-to-long term development plan for the foundation.

- Planning and management of the budget for the foundation.

- Management evaluation and tasks related to international cooperation.

Departmental Role

Establishment of a strategic performance management system

- Development of a performance analysis model for local businesses.

- Survey and analysis of the current status of local industries, and of corporate ecosystems and demand for policy.

- Publication of an issue paper and provision of industrial policy trends.

Locally relevant industrial policy planning

- Establishment of plans for promotion and development of local industries.

- Research and planning on a method to develop representative industries (key industries and cooperative industries).

- RFP planning for key industries and collaborative projects.

Establishment of an opentype innovation system

- Operation of the Gyeongbuk Area Research Society and Industrial Promotion Forum.

- Operation of a policy seminar to determine the direction of development for regional industries.

- Establishment of a workshop for the enhancement of affiliation and vitalization of interaction.

Planning to uncover new growth engines

- Uncovering and planning new business projects in the representative regional industrial sectors.

- Uncovering national projects such as the Project for the Establishment of a Base for Industrial Technology.

- Planning for cooperative projects affiliated to regional innovative institutions.

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