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Mission and Vision

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We will contribute to the industrial development of Gyeongbuk Province and Korea through our
passion and first class business supporting platforms.

New Vision

To be the major driving force of happiness for
K-1 Gyeongbuk.



Securing new growth sectors for Gyeongsangbuk-do and creation of balanced growth.

Contribution to expansion of the creative economy through creation of new manufacturing industries.

Transplantation of a new GBTP DNA through the internalization of passion.

Strategy Sector

Policy planning business support for regional industry development.

The most highly competitive TP in the country.

Business Support Sector

Providing a total solution for the best possible company support based on a business platform.

Management Sector

Retaining the best professionals who are highly specialized in business support, and identifying new growth markets.

Organization Sector

Implementing innovative management systems and establishing a performance-based paradigm with passion.

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